Julian Anthony Brackins

Howdy! I'm a Computational Sciences and Robotics student at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. I'm really into music, hiking, long walks on the beach, drawing, video games, table-top games, and writing code to make computers do neat things!

As far as computer science goes, I'm really interested in Mobile Development, Robotics, Computer Vision, Parallel Programming, Anti-Counterfeiting Technology and Cyber Security.

I'm a graduate teaching assistant at the School of Mines assisting with CSC 170: Programming for Engineers and Scientists. If you're in my class and need help with anything, just check my schedule and find time to stop by my office.

I'm currently a researcher for SPACT, the Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology research program at the School of Mines. I'm writing an app for a reader apparatus designed to scan invisible barcodes!

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